Brain Box Speech and presentation training: TAILORED, REALISTIC AND PERSONAL.

Learn to speech effective and powerful. Be a better performer in one day with a Brain Box IMPACT presentation training.

You have something they all must know

Improve the IMPACT of your speech, sales pitch or other kind of personal communication in one day! In this intensive and personalized presentation training you learn 'to tell the story', instead of presenting your notes and show them your PowerPoint. Discovering and optimizing your core competencies needed to communicate to an audience, customers, employees and shareholders.

Active learning

Practice makes perfect. That's why the first participant in this presentation training faces the spotlights within fifteen minutes. You will be trained by experienced trainers and presenters who have made their mark in presentation, communication and/or sales.

Content, format and feelings

You learn to present your message compact and to entice your audience to actively listen to you. Even if you feel more or less "shakey" before and during your speech your trainer will help you with some exercises that make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Also in answering all sorts of questions from your audience (or: at the conference table). You'll be a better speaker after just one day. Guaranteed, and this we promise based on practical experience ..!

Presentatietraining: podium

Stage presentation training

Presentatietraining: publiek

Small audience presentation training

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Number of participants

  • Team training up tot 5 participants
  • Pressure cooker with 1 or 2 participants
  • Presentation IMPACT masterclass up to ca. 15 participants

Contents Presentation training

Fixed and elective modules:

  • Use of voice, choice of words and sentence structure
  • Facial expressions, body language, clothing
  • Persuasion ability, contact
  • Coping with stress and stage fright
  • Preparation: using of I.M.P.A.C.T.
  • Key messages and one-liners
  • Storytelling
  • Using tools like PowerPoint and Prezi
  • Interviews afterwards and/or (angry) questions

Media training

Learn to optimize your picture, key messages, quotes and frames. Addressing print-, radio- and TV outlets, plus blogs, vlogs and social media. You'll be a better spokesperson in one day!