Communicate relaxed and with confidence. Short, concise and with impact. Learning by doing, confronted with the real media professionals, who also provide insight into the latest media trends. In your presentation training you learn from experienced presenters, storytellers and pitch experts.

Media training

In today's world, communications is the first line of business. Where the media have the ability to transmit your picture, repeat your quote and register your news story within minutes via the traditional media: print, radio, television and on-demand outlets, plus on social media - by anyone, friend... or foe.

Prepare yourself in our professional media environment in 'media city' Hilversum, or on site, where you communicate daily.

Speech training

Each individual in your audience, whatever the occasion, is programmed to respond to stories. Therefore: your presentation training is all about telling the story, instead of presenting it. And questions like: should you use PowerPoint, video, have a question-and-answer period or just give a plain speech?

Let Brain Box help you to organize yourself and your speech. And if it's a keynote for the very next day, the better!

Brain Box media training

24/7 Full Service

You train in our own TV studio in Hilversum, or at a location of your choice. We can also arrange a training or master class to be part of a bigger event you organize. Anywhere, any time of day and year.

Mediatraining specials

National, regional and local politics, healthcare, chemicals, financials. A few of the industry-oriented trainings we offer. As well as specials like: crisis and risk communication and media coaching for spokespersons and communication advisers.


A Brain Box trainer -fluent in English and Dutch- with a portable camera set, is permanently available for speech-, pitch and media training sessions wherever you are in the United States.

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